List if 10 automations with the Automation plugin


  1. Send a daily reminder email when an issue is past it's due date: Use schedule trigger firing every day with "duedate < now() and resolution = Unresolved" JQL and then send email action.

  2. Delete issues that haven't been updated in a month that haven't been started: Use schedule trigger firing every month with "updatedDate < startOfDay(-1m) AND status = Open" and then delete issue action.

  3. Add a watcher when an issue is transitioned into review: Use the issue event trigger with "Issue Transitioned" and "status = Review" JQL and then the add watchers action.

  4. Comment on issues that are resolved without work logged: Use issue event trigger with "Issue Resolved" and "timespent is EMPTY" JQL and then the comment issue action.

  5. Delete all attachments from task-type tickets when the issue is closed: Use issue event trigger with "Issue Transitioned and "status = Closed" JQL and then the delete all attachments action.

  6. Automatically watch issues based on JQL criteria

  7. Watch for certain issue patterns with JQL and email a user if they're created.

  8. Send email for high priority issues (it would be cool if we could add text message support).

  9. Send reminders if issues have been in a certain state for too long. Like if an issue has been in-review for over a month, send a reminder.

  10. I'd like to be able to auto transition issues depending on the issue state in Bitbucket.


Dinesh Patel


Mohammed Davoodi



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