Project Macro


Please note we're counting on this feature to convince management that the combination of GitHub projects and your macro will provide us with adequate development management tools as well as a way to share our progress on Confluence.

1/ What we want to have?

We would like to show a GitHub Project with exactly the same view (columns, order of cards) and filtered by repository in Confluence.

It's a GitHub Organisation Project and not a GitHub Repositoy Project.
(In GitHub, it is possible to create a project on a repository OR on an organization with multiple repositories)

2/ EXEMPLE with printscreens in attachement

We have two repositories: "Actu" + "Memento"
We have one organisation: "idevelop-scrum-test"

View of the organisation project in GitHub -> organisation_project_view_in_GitHub.png

View of the organisation project in GitHub with filter on repositoy "Actu" -> organisation_project_view_in_GitHub_filtering_repository_Actu.png
View of the organisation project in GitHub with filter on repositoy "Memento" -> organisation_project_view_in_GitHub_filtering_repository_Memento.png

--> View of what we want in Confluence with filter on repository "Memento" -> organisation_project_view_wanted_in_Confluence_filtering_repository_Memento.png

Tell me if you want an access to our organisation exemple project to facilitate your development and your test, this could be possible.




Mohammed Davoodi