Make polls app GDPR compliant


We have been using Polls for quite some time and I raised a request in 2017 to enable anonymized tracking of polls for use on our Confluence.

We currently have the request by our data protection office to implement a GDPR compliant way of raising polls on our Confluence based Intranet (8000 users worldwide) asap to prevent the removal of Polls App.

This means, that every user that takes part in a poll must agree to terms that explain how his personal data is tracked.

I guess the most simple way to implement this is to let users only take part, after they have accepted the terms. I have shortly talked to a Data Protection officer and verified, that this would solve the problem.

I know that there are many online tools that allow polls to be done GDPR compliant and have much enhanced features compared to polls. But we still value the simplicity and direct integration of Polls App and therefore would like to remain using Polls. In case there is anything from our side as a customer to help getting this implemented let me know.




Mohammed Davoodi



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