No JIRA issue found... yet jira issue is included


I have configured the plugin to match valid JIRA issues, prevent unknown JIRA projects, and also enforce a Commit Message REGEX. For a rececent push, I found that the commit was denied with NO JIRA issue found in commit message. However, I ran the commit message through the REGEX(s) manually and found that the regex's matched.

Desired commit Message format: [MYPROJNAME-1234] some other commit message, could be multiline, etc...

( I do not "care" about finding multiple JIRA issues as valid, just as long as one of them is valid, I will be happy)

Commit Message Regex: ^[([A-Z])-(\d)](.|\n)+

Require valid Jira Issues: checked
Ignore Unknown JIRA Project Keys: checked

Jql Matcher: status=Assigned OR status="In Progress" OR status=Review

Error output:

remote: Pre-Commit Check - Server Side - ERROR!
remote: refs/heads/XXXX/astyle: 60de6e3ccbc2e5ec15dbXXX076c9751421db42e: No JIRA Issue found in commit message.
remote: End of error message

The commit message in question:
Author: Some Guy <>

[MYPROJECT-725] Do Some Work

Moved quite a bit of scattered functionality related to low level EOD
channel control into XXX_XYZ, then modified stuff. There are a
lot of lines of change, but most of it is just 1:1 translations of
struct manipulation into function calls - in order to be sure all
functionality was captured, the Command message was moved into
XXX_XYZ and made inaccessible to the rest of the system, thus
making it impossible to bypass the new functions.

ideas? going to test without having the JIRA Issue check enabled, but that's definitely not what I want.




Mohammed Davoodi