Proposed 'UTF-8' fix: Validate project keys against JIRA


I wanted to open an issue to discuss this one before I ran off and wrote the code.

Currently (as noted in the README), `UTF-8` in a commit message will trigger push failure when they're interpreted as a missing JIRA issue.

I've been writing a lot of UTF-8 related code lately, so this issue is something I'd like to solve. My proposed changes:

*Explicit Exclusion:*

This provides a direct tool for resolving well-known issue key conflicts, eg, UTF-*:

  • Add a new regex configuration option that specifies explicit lookup exclusions. If a discovered issue key matches this regexp, and the issue isn't found in JIRA, the error will be ignored. For example: `UTF-(8|16|32)`

If you actually have a 'UTF' project key:

  • Issue lookup will still work; the error suppression simply avoids treating a failed lookup as an error

  • If the lookup fails and no other issue identifiers are found, the "No JIRA Issue found in commit message." error will still trigger.

*Project Key Validation:*

This provides a more general solution that should work in the majority of cases, while also still catching commit messages that fail to include any valid issue reference:

  • After matching likely issue keys, extract the project key part (ie, (KEY)-BUGNUM)

  • Use the JIRA REST API to [fetch the project metadata](, which includes the project key.

  • If the project is not found (404), ignore the issue key; it will not trigger an error, and it will not be used for validation.

  • If the project is found, and result.key == project key part, use the issue key for validation.

We have to explicitly check the project key returned by the REST API, rather than simply treating a 200 response as a found project: The REST API accepts `projectIdOrKey`; ie, it could return a valid project listing for a value that is not actually a key.

Plus, it's a bit more fail-safe than just assuming a 200 response means JIRA found the project, without ever actually parsing the server response.




Mohammed Davoodi