Allow any valid commit author to support fork workflow


User example 1

(This use case was moved off to ).

The master was rebased on a branch. The branch can't be pushed because of certain JIRA issues in the master that don't match the JQL. We have business rule that you can't use a Done or Closed issue key to commit on. In this case the issues are already finished, so the status is Done. But if you rebase after the issue is changed to Done YACC will stop the push.

User example 2

YACC is configured *globally* to check committer name and email - to cater users forks.

Here is a situation,

Repo - yacc
Fork 1 by user akul - yacc-akul
Fork 2 by user akul.bhatnagar - yacc-akul.bhatnagar

  • Both users cloned their respective forks and make some changes to file *a.txt*.

  • User akul successfully promoted the changes from yacc-akul to main repo (yacc) via Pull Request.

  • User akul.bhatnagar then tried to promote changes from yacc-akul.bhatnagar to main repo (yacc) but encountered a merge conflict.

  • User akul.bhatnagar then took the pull from the main repo (yacc) and resolved the merge conflict in a.txt file.

  • After successfully resolving the merge conflict, he tried to push the changes to his fork (yacc-akul.bhatnagar) but he was blocked by YACC stating *expected committer name* and *expected committer email* error.

The problem is YACC blocked the existing commits by akul which is kind of a blocker for akul.bhatnagar.

Ideas how to handle this

Having an option to allow the author/email to be different than the pusher as long as the author/email correctly correspond to another bitbucket user.






Mohammed Davoodi