How to prevent checks on code pulled in with merge,


I am having problems configuring yacc to work with our workflow. I have looked around the current issues and i couldn't really find any that fully apply.

Our process goes roughly as follows:

  • developer creates new code

  • developer pushes new "user" branch to repo. At this point YACC checks to make the new commit(s) comply with our message standards (basically the git standard reccomendations with a jira number injected)

  • developer creates a pull request

  • if by the time the code review is finished, there is a merge conflict, developer will do a git merge and push the new merge commit to this branch. This was done instead of rebase to limit noise on pull request (add one commit vs delete/readd multiple)

  • code is merged

At the merge conflict state, Yacc is trapping all the new commits pulled in with that merge. I have checked several cases and these are real merge commits (with 2 parents) and not a trivial fast-forward merge. I have tried checking "exclude merge commits" but it does not seem to matter.

Another problem i see: We are using a shared fork development pattern for a few teams. This fork comes off our base repos and it is someone's duty to push the synchronize button and/or manually merge in new code from base on a regular base. The problem is that when a manual merge must be performed, YACC traps the incoming code. Again this merge comes in as a true merge commit and not a trivial merge. again checking "exclude merge" commits does not help.

In both these cases, the only solution is to disable yacc for the repo so the push/merge can happen. Any suggestions

Thanks in advance.




Mohammed Davoodi